Our ethos? It’s all about you.

Yep, let’s talk about you. Because it’s you - our lovely customers - who are at the heart of everything we do at Forest & Shore. We’re advocates for natural living, and we want that for you too. We want to empower you to be healthy and happy from the inside out, and that’s why our hair oils are completely natural, certified organic and vegan-friendly. For us, your wellness always comes first.


Why Natural?

The hair care industry is full of harsh chemicals, hormone-disrupting ingredients and products that give you the ‘feeling’ of repaired hair, without actually solving the problem. At Forest & Shore, our hair oils go beyond the surface to target the root cause, by using nature’s own
botanicals and wildly nourishing blends that are safe, simple and rich in plant-powered nutrients.

Organic Vegan Haircare

Our hair oils go beyond being just natural. We source each ingredient sustainably, and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality for the most effective yet natural results. Plant-powered beauty is our specialty, so our earth-loving formulations are all-natural, and feature wild-grown and organic ingredients. And of course, they’re completely vegan too.

Curly, coily, wavy or straight — hair oils for all hair types

Curly or straight, dry or damaged - no matter your hair type or concern, there really is nothing that a great hair oil can’t fix. The main benefit of using hair oil is hair health, and our organic and 100% natural oils are designed to perfectly condition, nourish, smooth and strengthen - the perfect formulas for hair repair, hair growth, and for taming coils and curls.

Meet Emily —

Founder of Forest & Shore

"Growing up, I was surrounded by aromatherapy and nature. But it was after I suffered from allergies while working as a hairstylist that Forest & Shore was finally born. 

My mum first inspired me to adopt a more holistic way of life. In our family, traditional medicine was rarely used, and instead, I watched my mum treat ailments using a naturopathic and organic approach. I saw first-hand the benefits of using natural ingredients, rather than relying on chemical filled products.

I truly believe that this way of life helped me to grow happier and healthier, and so I wanted to create exactly that for Forest & Shore: wholesome, all-natural products in their purest form that put health and wellness at the forefront to focus on healing the problem rather than covering it up with synthetic products.

I’m so pleased you’ve found us, and I hope that in discovering Forest & Shore, we’ll become part of your holistic journey too."

- Emily Horrigan