How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

It’s a question we hear A LOT, how to make hair grow faster - and whether it’s because you’re looking for luscious longer locks, or, you want to work on making your hair thicker, the secret here is hair health. The American Academy of Dermatology states that hair grows around 6 inches a year (that’s around ½ an inch per month), however, that’s only if your hair is healthy in the first place. So how can you speed up the process? Whilst there isn’t an overnight miracle fix, there are a number of things you can do to increase optimum hair health which will in turn help your hair to grow. Read on to discover Forest & Shore’s guide for how to make your hair grow faster...

Healthy Hair Begins Here: Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


1. Hair Growth Tip No.1 = Minimise Stress 

Hair growth happens in four phases - anagen (growth), catagen (degeneration), telogen (rest) and exogen (shedding). No matter your hair type, when you’re stressed, this can trigger your hair follicles to enter rest mode, meaning your hair won’t grow and there will be more fall out as hairs then shed. Actively working to relieve stress is highly recommended to support hair growth - not to mention you’ll feel happier and healthier all round too!


2. Hair Growth Tip No.2 = Be Gentle

A gentle approach is encouraged to prevent breakage and boost the health of your hair. This means brushing and combing gently to remove tangles, starting from the bottom and working your way up - and when your hair is wet, take even more care as this is prime time for hair to break or split. Small changes like sleeping on a silk pillowcase and using microfibre towels will also help to decrease damage.

3. Hair Growth Tip No.3 = Choose Natural Products

Put simply, you’re going to want to avoid anything unnatural that will cause unnecessary stress to your scalp and hair. Think hair extensions, chlorine, bleaching and so on. Instead, choose natural products to nourish, hydrate and protect your scalp and hair and you’ll soon see the benefits. By making more conscious choices when selecting the products you use, your hair will not only look and feel healthier, it will stimulate hair growth too. Look out for ingredients like coconut oil to restore and hydrate and caffeine to regenerate and soften.


4. Hair Growth Tip No.4 = Reduce Your Use of Heat

We all know the use of heat isn’t good for hair, so if you use heated tools on the daily, it’s time to switch things up and reduce your use of straighteners and curling wands - trust us, your hair will thank you. Try leaving your locks to air dry and go au naturale or use silk hair wraps to create curls. If you’re not quite ready to turn down the heat, then make sure you use a heat protector every time to minimise damage.


5. Hair Growth Tip No.5 = Apply a Hair Growth Oil

Invest in a hair growth oil and apply consistently to help your crowning glory grow. Our Thrive Hair Oil is packed with natural oils that work to help stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles with castor oil, coconut oil and argan oil all working in harmony to promote a healthy hair foundation. Oils rich in fatty acids like castor oil have a long list of benefits when it comes to achieving healthy hair, making it a must have ingredient; not only is it a hydrating hero, castor oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial too.


6. Hair Growth Tip No.6 = Embrace a Scalp Care Routine

You’re probably already on it when it comes to your skincare routine, so it’s time to extend this and start caring for your scalp with the same attention too. Embracing a scalp care routine is a must to make your hair grow faster, after all, it’s where your hair follicles are - aka, where your hairs actually grow from. In other words, if your scalp isn’t healthy, your hair won’t be either. Treat your scalp to a massage and apply a scalp mask up to three times a week. Featuring an active blend of organic ingredients like energising green coffee and penetrating rosemary and parsley seed oil to encourage new hair growth, our Thrive Hair Oil doubles up as a hair treatment too to help your hair grow stronger and longer.

The last word on how to make your hair grow faster...

If you really want to increase your hair growth, it’s time to make a commitment and follow all the steps we’ve mentioned. These simple lifestyle changes have big significance when it comes to making your hair grow faster and what may seem like a minimal routine change now will over time lead to healthier, longer hair - the key is to be consistent as the results will be gradual and ongoing. 

For more healthy hair tips, head over to the Forest & Shore blog and if you’re concerned about excessive hair loss, get in touch with your doctor.

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