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When it comes to hair care, adding nourishing natural oils into your hair care routine is a must. No matter if you’re applying them through organic shampoos and conditioners or opting for hair oils, serums and masks to get your natural oil fix, each oil has its own brilliant range of benefits. So what are the best oils for your hair? If you’re wondering which to use, we’ve got you covered! From coconut oil to lavender oil, read on as we share 10 of the best natural oils for your hair.

The Best Hair Oils


1. Best Hair Oils: Castor Oil

Castor oil is having a moment in the hair care world right now and rightly so. Rich in fatty acids, when it comes to healthy hair, castor oil is a must-have ingredient. Not only is it ultra-hydrating, but it’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial too, making it a seriously good choice for scalp care and after all, a healthy scalp = healthy hair.


2. Best Hair Oil: Argan Oil

If you’re into hair care, then you’ll most likely have heard of argan oil before. This liquid gold is excellent at helping your hair to retain moisture thanks to fatty acids and Vitamin E. Argan oil is packed with antioxidants too which promote cell production helping to achieve thicker, longer locks.


3. Best Hair Oil: Coconut Oil

We’re big fans of coconut oil for hair at Forest & Shore and not just for its dreamy tropical scent - we love it so much we wrote a whole blog on its benefits which you can read here. In a nutshell, (no pun intended we promise) coconut oil features a unique makeup of highly saturated fats that work hard to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, helping to hydrate and prevent breakage - hello strong healthy hair.


4. Best Hair Oil: Olive Oil

An essential ingredient for those who suffer from frizzy, brittle or dry damaged hair types, olive oil certainly isn’t just for cooking. Rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants, the vegetable oil protects the keratin in your hair, sealing in moisture for silky-smooth, softer locks and improving elasticity too. 


5. Best Hair Oil: Sesame Oil

UV rays aren’t just damaging to your skin, they can cause damage to your hair too - enter sesame oil. This highly penetrating oil works from the inside out to protect your hair from damaging UV rays - in fact, it naturally resists up to 30% of the sun’s UV rays by forming a protective barrier around the hair shaft.


6. Best Hair Oil: Arnica Oil

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, arnica oil works well as a rejuvenating treatment to relieve conditions like dandruff and itchy scalps. Extracted from the arnica flower, arnica oil can also strengthen your hair follicles which in turn helps to prevent early signs of hair loss.


7. Best Hair Oil: Sunflower Oil

Packed full of Omega 9, (one of the essential acids needed to fight breakage and split ends) using sunflower oil will improve the strength and restore the softness of your hair. Your hair will also benefit from a gorgeous glossy shine that will have you doing a sassy hair flick at every opportunity.


8. Best Hair Oil: Lemon Oil

If you find your hair tends to be a little on the greasy side, a fantastic ingredient to combat this is lemon oil. The invigorating citrus oil helps to regulate oil production, cleansing the scalp of unwanted bacteria and excess oil so your hair looks and feels fresh.


9. Best Hair Oil: Rosemary Oil

Should you find yourself concerned about hair loss, you’ll want to opt for rosemary oil. With the ability to boost cellular generation, rosemary oil can help with thickening your hair and encouraging new hair growth as well as preventing hair loss.


10. Best Hair Oil: Lavender Oil

Lavender oil will not only bring spa-like vibes to your hair care routine with its relaxing aroma, but it will also help to soothe sensitive scalps and prevent conditions like itchy scalp and dandruff thanks to its antimicrobial properties which help to prevent bacteria.

So there you have it, wonder no more what are the best oils for your hair. If you’re looking to add natural oils to your hair care routine, at Forest & Shore, our products use a blend of oils to deliver only high-quality hair care that presents the most effective natural results; which is why our products are always free from any harsh chemicals and synthetics too.

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